Edible Arrangements Are The Right Choice Anytime Of Year

Many people have heard of Edible Arrangements at this point. They are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons and will likely continue to grow as an alternative to flowers as each new season passes.

Reasons to Choose an Edible Arrangement This Mother’s Day

  • They are remarkable. Edible arrangements are conversation starters many people will remark on their beauty and uniqueness.
  • They are a healthy choice. Edible arrangements are full of fresh fruit which is a healthy alternative to sweets and full of fiber.
  • Edible arrangements are more “useful” than flowers. Many people are getting out of the trend of sending flowers because they don’t last. Potted plants and edible arrangements have been great alternatives.
  • There is a discount for 25% off edible arrangements right now. So you can treat those you love for less money.

Edible arrangements are also gender neutral. Even though we live in a progressive age, and there really is no stigma to sending a man flowers, some men would be a little uncomfortable with a bouquet of roses. Edible arrangements are a great way to show the man in your life that he deserves the equivalent (upgrade) to flowers. And the enjoyment of healthy and delicious fruit knows no boundaries.

Edible arrangements can be sent as a romantic gift, but they are also a great way to send platonic messages to practically anyone in your life. If you have a new neighbor what better way to welcome them into the neighborhood than to send an arrangement of fresh fruit for a refreshing snack while unpacking? If your employee has gone above and beyond, why not send an edible arrangement to show that you noticed? If you cannot make it in person to an event you have been invited to send an edible arrangement to show that you are thinking of them in their moment and wish you could attend. Flower arrangement is just not as flexible at sending certain messages.

There are a wide variety of occasions that an edible arrangement would upgrade. If you are planning a baby shower there are themed centerpieces. If you are planning a romantic get-away there can be a romantic themed edible arrangement waiting in the room. Even huge events like wedding receptions or large parties can benefit from an edible arrangement that serves 200 people and is so grand it must be assembled on site. there are no limits to what our craftspeople can do with this gourmet fruit and high-end chocolate. Just browse our website or call to see what we can do for your next event.

Perfect Way to Treat Yourself any Time

Fresh fruit is a key staple of any healthy diet, and many people see it as a treat that they enjoy but only get to partake in occasionally. The Edible Arrangement franchise allows you to enjoy fresh fruit at many of our locations, at your convenience. From healthy fresh fruit smoothies, fruit salads, and fruit parfaits choosing a healthy snack does not have to be an occasion. But if you are planning an occasion, you can treat yourself and your guests with a fresh fruit centerpieces that are show stopping and takes a significant amount of work off of your shoulders.

Great Way to Say Thank You

Being gracious is a key part of manners and business etiquette today. If someone gives you the opportunity or the need to be grateful, Edible Arrangements can help you do it in a BIG way. And your companies logo will be right there on the card for all to see (free advertising because people are bound to stop by and look at/comment on the arrangement). Saying thank you in a big way when necessary, can go a long way towards concreting important business relationships, and it lets people know that you recognize the job well done.

Edible Arrangements are the perfect gift for too many occasions to list and you can even treat yourself in store at any time. Right now you can get a discount for 25% off so start thinking about that person in your life that deserves to be treated with one of our tasty gourmet gorgeous edible arrangements.